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April 2014 Silver Dollar Recognitions

Tim Adams

When our customers or other SDN employees notice someone from SDN going above and beyond for customer service, they can nominate that employee for a Silver Dollar award. While they are not handed a silver dollar, they do receive a gift certificate for their excellence.

So why call it the Silver Dollar Program? CEO Mark Shlanta is a coin collector and this is a reflection of his appreciation.

The employees below have been recognized for their greatness.

Tim Adams, Bill Coyle, Jayne Duin and Graham Wilson were recently a big help on a high-level project. They were commended for working together to get it done quickly and helping make a difference for the company.

Disaster recovery for businesses requires extensive planning today

April 2013 ice storm

In April 2013, an unexpectedly bad ice storm devastated trees and power lines in Sioux Falls. The same storm system dumped more than two feet of snow in southwestern South Dakota.

Rural telecoms advance despite uncertainties in federal support

Alliance Communications

Despite financial uncertainties in the future level of federal support for broadband services in rural America, small telecommunications companies serving South Dakota and neighboring states continue to improve their networks for customers.

Student Technology Initiative unfolding smoothly in Sioux Falls


YouTube was among the websites initially blocked when the Sioux Falls School District launched its Student Technology Initiative in 2013. The site was opened to students after teachers pointed out the educational value of some of the videos available on YouTube.

Health system depends on fast, secure, reliable connections

Avera Health Prairie

When physicians in Sioux Falls and other communities in Avera Health’s five-state region need to consult in real time to care for patients, a highly reliable level of connectivity is a must.

Conferencing options explained for first-time buyers

describe the image

Businesses ready to begin or increase their use of computer systems for group communications might want to start by reviewing conferencing terminology.

New business users can benefit from unified communications

Unified Communications

Small and midsize businesses face unique challenges in communicating with customers, employees and partners.

‘Wireless’ communications put burden on wired networks

Mobile Devices Statistics

Wireless phone calls aren’t really 100 percent wireless.

As business networks grow, so does need for protection

Network protection

Business computer networks typically start small and grow. And then they grow some more. 

SDN Communications quietly improving its vast network

SDN South Dakota & Minnesota Network

Most business clients probably won’t notice the work taking place, but SDN Communications will improve network connectivity in 23 communities across South Dakota and parts of Minnesota and Nebraska throughout 2014.

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