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Making Data Security and Backup a Priority for Your Business

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The evolution of technology forces every business to decide whether to change with it or play catch up when the budget allows for an upgrade.  Consider, for a moment, how your business is dealing with the fact that:

Mondopad: a cool, new, giant gizmo offered by SDN

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Senior account executive Dennis Cromwell is the point man in reselling one of the newest and coolest high-tech devices in SDN Communications’ lineup: the Mondopad.

Breaking it Down: Unified Communications

UC infograph 2012 forweb

You may be aware that Unified Communications allows you to combine and streamline your communication tools, but do you know how?

Systems Integration Market Continues to Grow


According to a recent study, the systems integration market is expected to keep growing at a rate of about 5.15% annually.  This growth is the effect of an increase in application development, as well as cloud, virtualization and government streamlining.

Data Breach Costs Drop But Number of Malicious Attacks Increases


The seventh annual US Cost of a Data Breach report, conducted by Ponemon Institute and Symantec Research, shows that the cost of individual data breaches is actually decreasing. And, not just by a small amount. The average cost of a breach dropped a whopping 24% from $7.2 million in 2010 to $5.5 million in 2011. This is the first time that researchers have ever seen a decline.

Cisco to Cut 6,500 Jobs


Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers promised major changes when he announced his restructuring plans. Cisco, maker of advanced networking equipment and phone systems, is cutting 6,500 jobs – 2,100 of those via a voluntary early retirement program.  These layoffs account for about nine percent of Cisco’s total workforce.

Don't touch that dial... it's just a sun outage


SDN’s business customers might not know that we also operate a cable headend (a satellite receiver and all the electronics) delivering digital cable TV services to more than 80 rural South Dakota communities. It’s a service we provide for nine of our 17 owner companies.

Want to increase productivity? Telecommuting may be the answer


The 8:00 to 5:00 workday may be coming to an end, thanks to major advancements in telecommuting technology. While employers may be uncomfortable moving away for the traditional 40 hour work week, a recent study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (  shows that telecommuting makes employees more satisfied with their jobs, leading to higher productivity than their traditional counterparts.

Workers Steer Clear of Videoconferencing Because They Are Camera Shy

Web cam

In a recent UK study, it was found that more than 39% of workers are hesitant to use and adopt video conferencing.  Is it because they are unsure of the new technology? Nope. It is because they are afraid of how they will look on camera. Turns out, the adoption of this new technology comes down to the same reason we duck out of the way when someone is taking photos at the office Christmas party – we are still camera shy.

Avaya Communications releases IP Office 6.1 with Geographic Locating Features


Each day, calls race back and forth from customers to businesses and from businesses to customers. Many businesses span wide areas which makes it difficult to know exactly where a particular call is coming from. So how are businesses going to rectify this problem?  Avaya Communications just released the IP Office 6.1 program which will allow a business to track calls that are coming from a particular region. The new program will feature Customer Call Reporter(CCR), a program that uses maps to pinpoint and track where a call is coming from in a particular geographic region. Along with the CCR 6.1, Avaya is adding some additional upgrades as well.

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