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Health system depends on fast, secure, reliable connections

Avera Health Prairie

When physicians in Sioux Falls and other communities in Avera Health’s five-state region need to consult in real time to care for patients, a highly reliable level of connectivity is a must.

I want connectivity, dang it, even if my phone is turned off

No Internet Connection

Twice in recent weeks, I lost Internet connectivity for a few hours while trying to work.

SDN among those wondering: Will Google Glass be next big thing?

Paul Ten Haken trains on Google Glass

Although he is in select company as a participant in a national Google Glass testing program, Paul Ten Haken doesn’t wear his head-mounted computer everywhere.

Three technologies your school should not be without

Mondopad By InFocus

I grew up considering the use of hand-held calculators to be a milestone in the development of educational technology. These days, I’m amazed at the proliferation of more advanced high-tech products routinely used in schools.

Why Unified Communication is no longer simply cool, it’s crucial

Unified Communications at SDN Communications

For movers and shakers in the business world, a good phone system is of immeasurable value. The days of phone systems only being accessible in the office or only being used for conversation are long gone, however.

Embrace the Challenges of Employing Tech-Savvy Millennials

Work Anywhere

There’s good news for employers: The newest generation of workers will be more connected to technology than any prior generation.

How To Keep More Connectivity From Weighing Down Your Network

Mobile Devices

NOW!  You want the email, video, or information NOW because you know you can get it NOW.  The days of waiting for dial-up internet access to check your email are long gone but so are the days of needing to even sit at a computer to access it; it’s just a matter of pulling out one of your mobile devices and touching the screen to access the internet wirelessly or through a data service.

Unified communications helps keep Raven running smoothly

Raven Industries

There’s not much doubt that Raven Industries Inc. is a good company.

SDN Network Surveillance Center eases burden on clients’ IT staffs

SDN's network surveillance center

May 2005 was a significant month in the relatively short but eventful history of SDN Communications, a business-service provider with the biggest fiber-optic network in the region.

Technology and Telecommunication Lessons Learned in 2012

lessons learned web

The New Year is time for a fresh start. If you need to freshen up your business communications tools, SDN can help with a host of products. 

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