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Sioux Falls hub to regional, international Internet technology

Project Loon - Submitted To Sioux Falls Business Journal

Delivering the Internet is serious business, sometimes top secret business. As reported by the Sioux Falls Business Journal, Raven Industries worked quietly with Google for a year to develop delivery of Internet via high-pressure balloons.

How To Keep More Connectivity From Weighing Down Your Network

Mobile Devices

NOW!  You want the email, video, or information NOW because you know you can get it NOW.  The days of waiting for dial-up internet access to check your email are long gone but so are the days of needing to even sit at a computer to access it; it’s just a matter of pulling out one of your mobile devices and touching the screen to access the internet wirelessly or through a data service.

SDN Communications takes you behind the scenes of the internet

Internet Presentation Fiber Demonstration

If you’re looking for last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you may have Googled it.  In a matter of seconds the internet delivers all the answers you need. So, it’s as simple as that. Okay, maybe not quite. There’s actually a whole lot more going on behind the scenes.

Eye on KELOLAND: SDN enables 21st Century learners


Arlington High School once suffered from lack of high-speed broadband. Teachers had to schedule computer time or showing video from the web. Now thanks to a partnership between the federal broadband stimulus program, known at the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, and SDN Communications, every AHS student can use his/her laptop all day long to gain skills even the state's largest schools haven't deployed. Check out KELO's story.

SDN Broadband Allows Rural Library to Become Better Connected

Madison Public Library

After tripling bandwidth by switching to SDN service, the Madison Public Library was overwhelmed by the positive response from library patrons.

Ethernet connectivity can offer competitive advantages

Ethernet is like your own reserved treadmill at the gym

Melanie Sage of SDN Communications compares having Ethernet connectivity to the Internet to having a reserved treadmill at your favorite gym during the busiest time of the day.

Cloud Computing No Longer Scares Companies

describe the image

Cloud computing is no longer as scary to companies as it once was.  According to a recent tech article by Forbes, cloud will soon be accepted as the delivery platform for applications and services.  The growing embrace of cloud-focused solutions is leading to cloud being considered the normal way to implement software solutions.

Broadband Infrastructure Helps EROS Share Earth's Images

Image from EROS data center

Sometimes people refer to South Dakota as the middle of nowhere when, in fact, it is the world’s center for Earth images.

Breaking it Down: Net Neutrality


Breaking it Down: Net Neutrality

IPv6 to the Rescue

describe the image

The world of internet is changing as of today.  We are using computers more and more, but the internet is running out of room.  IPV6 is here to help.  Released today, IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is being enabled on over 1,500 sites; including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube.  According to a recent article, next generation IPv6 networking technology has one big improvement over the current IPv4 standard it will replace, and that’s room to grow.

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