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Sioux Falls hub to regional, international Internet technology

Project Loon - Submitted To Sioux Falls Business Journal

Delivering the Internet is serious business, sometimes top secret business. As reported by the Sioux Falls Business Journal, Raven Industries worked quietly with Google for a year to develop delivery of Internet via high-pressure balloons.

Argus Leader features SDN's Board of Managers

SDNphotos029C resized 600

In a recent article on the Argus Leader website, The Sioux Falls Business Journal covered the election of SDN's Board of Directors.

IPv6 to the Rescue

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The world of internet is changing as of today.  We are using computers more and more, but the internet is running out of room.  IPV6 is here to help.  Released today, IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is being enabled on over 1,500 sites; including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube.  According to a recent article, next generation IPv6 networking technology has one big improvement over the current IPv4 standard it will replace, and that’s room to grow.

Construction Complete: SDN Data Center


The construction of the SDN Communications' Data Center was completed in May 2012.  This high-tech data vault, located near Sioux Falls, SD, touts state- of-the-art security such as stringent, multi-layered security control procedures, a dual authentic access control system, and biometric access control with mantrap. 

Looking for a Career? Telecom: Two Jobs for Every Grad


Imagine having the luxury of multiple job offers. That’s the case for Mitchell Technical Institute’s Telecommunications program graduates. In fact, there are 33 jobs open for just 17 students.

SDN Communications is actively helping recruit future students to MTI’s program because it’s the future of our workforce. Yesterday, KELOLAND TV featured our partnership on the 10pm news.  Almost $800,000 of the $20 million federal stimulus grant awarded to SDN is going to pay for lab equipment at MTI so students can get relevant, hands-on experience, which will lead them into good jobs – a goal of the stimulus effort.

Twenty percent of SDN’s workforce graduated from MTI. We anticipate more coming from there. In fact, KELO’s Ben Dunsmoor interviewed student Travis Williamson. He’s coming to work at SDN next month.

SDN's Uptime Campaign: A Closer Look at the Microsite

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I'm sure you've been seeing the new SDN commercials on tv. And you've been seeing our new print ads, online ads, and hearing our radio spots. What exactly does Uptime mean? Check out our Uptime microsite to learn more.

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More Data Center Builds Being Outsourced to Third Parties


The growing demand for data center space is no surprise. Immense volumes of data, disaster recovery solutions and effective heating and cooling needs have forced many businesses to expand their data center space. In fact, a recent study showed that "92% of respondents said their companies will definitely or probably expand their data center space in 2012."

Bacteria to the Rescue: Using Microorganisms to Create Nano-Technology


A single computer used to fill an entire room. Now, the processors in most smartphones are greater than those of the first mega-computers. But, as technology gets smaller and smaller, it gets more and more difficult to produce "nano-sized" electronics.

Data Breach Costs Drop But Number of Malicious Attacks Increases


The seventh annual US Cost of a Data Breach report, conducted by Ponemon Institute and Symantec Research, shows that the cost of individual data breaches is actually decreasing. And, not just by a small amount. The average cost of a breach dropped a whopping 24% from $7.2 million in 2010 to $5.5 million in 2011. This is the first time that researchers have ever seen a decline.

Celebrate! March 31 is World Backup Day

World Backup Day Final 800px resized 600

Our friends over at created a great infographic to help celebrate World Backup Day on March 31. With the ever-expanding role of data in our lives, it is important to remember to back up that data. SDN recently built a 25,000 square foot data center facility for backing up its own data and creating redundant systems. What is your business doing to protect its most valuable asset?

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