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High-Speed Broadband Internet Makes Telecommuting Easier


Broadband's Impact on Telework

In today’s technologically-advanced world, telecommuting is playing a large role in the marketplace. In fact, a recent study found that “24% of rural businesses and 35% of non-rural businesses currently allow employees to telework or telecommute”, and “nationally, 2.4 million U.S. business establishments, out of approximately 7.4 million total businesses, allow employees to telework.”

The ability for employees to connect anywhere with an Internet connection helps to facilitate communication in a business. With SDN Session Communication Suite, employees only need a computer, a headset (or phone) and a web cam, if desired. With this minimal equipment, they can conduct business as if in the office from any location in the world. All they need is an Internet connection. This is a great service for telecommuters and road warriors.

SDN Session also includes advanced call routing features that allow employees to designate alternate phone numbers for call forwarding or simultaneous ring. Voicemails can be sent directly to a designated email account to be listened to at any time.

With broadband-speed, taking phone calls from anywhere and videochat, SDN makes telecommuting easier for your business than ever before.