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Data Protection for Small Businesses



Did you know that the average data breach costs a company $7.2 million, or $214 per breached record? Are you doing everything you can to protect your customer data (the information you use to ship your products, serve your customers, get new customers or file taxes)? Read more in this article about following these steps to help protect your data...

1. Back up your data: It's recommended to have onsite backup, but it's absolutely critical to keep an encrypted copy of your data off-site as well.

2. Develop data-recovery and disaster-recovery plans: Write out a plan for data recovery as well as what you would do after a disaster.

3. Educate employees: The time spent on data protection is much less than the time it will take to recover your losses, after something goes wrong. (The most common password is "Password1". How many of your employees use that password?)

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