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Tech Radio Wrap Up From SDN Computer Guy Amos Aesoph

Another great "Tech Radio" show is in the bag for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. We don't normally have a show on the fifth Friday of the month, but we pinch-hit for "Food for Thought".

Some great emails today including questions on those digital picture frames that are coming loaded with viruses; how do we avoid spreading the virus? That's tough since just connecting the picture frame to your computer allows the virus to propagate to your machine. Our advice was to research online the model of the picture frame you want to buy to ensure you are not getting one with a virus. We got questions on small form factor laptops, digital rights management installation problems, the second generation of the Amazon Kindle, and using older printers with Vista Premium.

"Tech Radio" featuring the Computer Guys is a call in show, and today was no different. A caller from Rapid City asked about using Quicken 2000 with Vista and not being able to print. The Computer Guys suggested upgrading Quicken to the latest version, as Vista can be finicky about working with older software. Another caller from Hot Springs got us on the topic of Google Earth and all its amazing and fun features, as well as the requirements to run it with all the bells and whistles. Finally, our last caller from Sioux Falls let us know that his printer issue from last week was resolved with some registry hacks and now everything works fine.Tune in for our next show of call-in tips, geek toys, and banter on noon central time, June 13th.Amos Aesoph

Supervisor of SDN Corporate IT

"Computer Geek"