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Welcome to Web 2.0 - whatever that means?


That's how a digital advertising agency described Web 2.0 at a marketing conference I attended this week. So hazy, in fact, that when corporations demand 2.0 capabilities on a website designed by this digital ad agnecy, this agency has to ask the client what it thinks Web 2.0 means. Hmmm....

I'm not sure I can get my arms around all that Web 2.0 offers, but I do understand it means more interaction between customer and vendor via a website. SDN Communications welcomes that!

Still, this South Dakota high-tech company gets high marks from customers for its low-tech service style. Sure, we could do it more efficiently by having you talk to a machine when you call about broadband connectivity, Internet, networking equipment, or network surveillance. We could even route your problems via email only. But customers continue to tell us in surveys they love our human touch: it defines businessimplification.

Now that we're striving to give you this 2.0 method, we welcome your feedback. Post your comments for all to see and learn from on this blog. My intent is to post things here on a somewhat regular basis or when inspiration strikes. I'll invite others in the office - those with more technical know-how - to do the same.

So welcome to Web 2.0 - SDN style. "Nebulous" as 2.0 might be, let me be perfectly clear about SDN's Rule 1.0: you can always just pick up the phone to talk to us.

-Vernon Brown, Marketing Manager