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SDN uses local talent to get its message out


SDN's commercial shootCarmen Schramm is not a professional actress. In real life, she’s the director of chamber services for the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce.

She’s also a golfer with a nice swing.

So in June, she agreed to hit some balls on the third fairway of the Prairie Green Golf Course in Sioux Falls while a crew from Fresh Produce shot video.

“First time before a camera. It was an interesting experience,” says Schramm, with a laugh. “But it was fun. I had a good time.”

Shots of Schramm can be seen in current TV and online ads that reflect SDN Communications’ message to help business clients enjoy more uptime.

SDN tries to use local talent in creating its commercial messages.

“We strive to buy local on everything we do,” says Vernon Brown, SDN’s director of marketing and community relation. “We’re a home-grown, local company and believe in supporting local purchases, whether it’s products or talent. And our region is full of talent who can more sincerely portray our customers in our commercial messaging.”

SDN's golf video shootFresh Produce, an advertising and marketing agency in Sioux Falls with a reputation for creativity, plays a significant role in helping SDN develop and deliver its corporate message.

Mike Hart, co-owner of Fresh Produce, says five ads currently are running, including the golf spot with Schramm, and two more will be out before the end of the year.

In addition to running on TV, SDN ads are repurposed for online, print and radio use. Current spots can be viewed on SDN's You Tube channel.

The bottom-line message throughout the current ad campaign is that SDN creates uptime for business people by freeing them from worrying about the security of their commercial data.

“You’ll feel secure knowing that SDN Communications’ managed gateway services protect your data 24/7. While we have our eye on your data, you can keep your eye on the ball,” an off-camera voice says in one version of the golf spot.

SDN offers an array of digital-security and risk-management services to help business people enjoy their uptime. Products and services cover areas such as data-loss prevention, network surveillance, firewall security, offsite data storage, and the secure transmission of data on a multistate, broadband, fiber optic network.

“SDN essentially exists so that people in business have uptime,” Hart says. “People can worry about things most important to them.”

In other words, knowing their data is secure and safe allows business people to concentrate on other work responsibilities and free up more time leisure activities, such as golf. Enjoy the uptime.