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CoSentry makes use of SDN Communications’ new data center


CoSentry LogoCoSentry, the first tenant in SDN Communications’ new data center in northwestern Sioux Falls, is beginning to move its own clients into the fortress-like colocation facility.

CoSentry is a technical-services company with business-to-business specialties that include co-location services.

CoSentry opened a data center eight years ago in northeastern Sioux Falls to provide network digital security and backup work space to other companies. Taking space in SDN’s data center, which opened last November, gives CoSentry a second location in Sioux Falls to serve its regional and international clients.

CoSentry’s two Sioux Falls sites are six miles apart, which enhances the network and digital security potential the company can offer clients. The two centers are served by separate power systems, for example.

The company also has two data centers in the Omaha area and two in the Kansas City area.

Cris Freiwald, vice president and general manager for CoSentry’s north region and international markets, points out that factors such as intensified weather conditions have increased dangers faced by large businesses and organizations. A July 16 story in Computerworld pointedly outlined some of modern risks faced in commerce:

“Increasing numbers of weather-related disasters - violent storms, wildfires that have ravaged more than 2 million acres in the Rocky Mountains, and drought conditions affecting some two-thirds of the United States ­- should have IT executives scurrying to update their disaster recovery plans,” a story by Lucas Mearian says, in part.

“The message to IT managers from business continuity experts is a familiar one: Put backup data centers in diverse, far-flung locations, and make sure your cloud service providers maintain geographically dispersed hosting facilities,” the story goes on to say.

CoSentry wanted to open a second Sioux Falls location to help serve large clients, which sometimes depend on the redundancy of multiple locations to protect valuable data.

 SDN's Data Center“SDN built a great facility,” Freiwald says. “We were involved from the beginning and always were interested in being a tenant.”

A particular strength of SDN’s data center, or carrier hotel, is that it was “purpose built” to protect data, Freiwald says. In other words, the structure was specifically built from the start to provide offsite backup and secure data storage

The multimillion-dollar data center was built on a 65-acre tract. It includes 10,000 square feet of raised floor space to serve clients.

Other features of the data center include backup power sources, walls thick enough to withstand an F4 tornado, constant surveillance and self-healing circuitry.

CoSentry has leased 3,400 square feet of space within the facility for its clients. That’s enough room for 150 computer cabinets.

The first CoSentry client is moving into the SDN center and others will be coming in the future, Freiwald says.

CoSentry plays up its connection to SDN in marketing the space.

“I don’t want to hide it,” Freiwald says. “The SDN brand is strong.”