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Mondopad: a cool, new, giant gizmo offered by SDN


Mondopad photos forweb resized 600Senior account executive Dennis Cromwell is the point man in reselling one of the newest and coolest high-tech devices in SDN Communications’ lineup: the Mondopad.

The Mondopad, which is made by Oregon-based InFocus, is a giant, touch-screen, tablet PC with many commercial uses. It’s got a 55-inch screen and is loaded with Windows Office software.

It allows colleagues, no matter where they are located, to securely connect, interact and share information.

Whiteboard writing and drawing tools are available for note-taking and highlighting information.

Internet access and other features provide the person leading a discussion easy access to an array of fresh information.

“Because it’s a Windows-based system about anything you have on your laptop, you can put here on a 55-inch screen,” Cromwell says, during a demonstration.

People sitting in the back of the room equipped with a Mondopad can follow the action closer by putting activity from the Mondopad directly on their own notebook screens.

With the cable plug-in, the Mondopad will even function as a 55-inch TV.

“This does pretty much everything a smartboard will do - and more,” Cromwell says. “We’ve sold quite a few of them, and I’ve got some customers who have bought multiple.”

As Cromwell points out, business travel has lost a lot of its glamour. Tight company and organizational budgets have increased the practicality of using video-conferencing devices such as the Mondopad.

A Sioux Falls law firm uses Mondopads to conduct depositions of witnesses in remote locations.

A Sioux Falls company with locations in other states uses Mondopads to conduct business meetings.

A college system in Nebraska with multiple campuses has two Mondopads and is buying seven more.

SDN has been reselling the devices for InFocus for about six months. The devices sell for roughly $6,000 apiece, when costs such as transportation are factored in.

In addition to selling Mondopads for SDN, Cromwell focuses his sales efforts on products such as IP business phone systems, networking equipment and SDN Session, which allows businesses to conduct online chats and video conferencing.

Cromwell took his Mondopad campaign on the road recently by setting up and demonstrating a unit in a booth at School Administrators of South Dakota Conference in Sioux Falls.

“It’s very engaging. People walk up and say, ‘What’s this thing do?’” he says.

For more specification details about the Mondopad, click here or watch the video below.